Irvington Jewelers, located off of Washington St. and Whittier is owned and operated by its founder, Garry Brown. A showcase to the man’s extensive experience in the jewelry crafting industry, the ample shelf space of Brown’s studio is lined with hand-crafted jewelry. Brown does it all, from classic wedding rings to the rare custom motorcycle handlebar embellishments. His workshop is in the back room.

Brown’s career as a jewelry maker began by accident during a high school study period he spent in a jewelry class. He remembers one day heating up a silver ring and slowly pulling it into a new form.  Brown was hooked.

Flash forward to 1980, Brown began working at Omni Jewelers in Broad Ripple. From here he made a couple of moves until he finally landed at Rosco jewelery in Irvington. More or less running his own separate business under the Rosco name and storefront, Brown bought the store from him after his retirement in 2014 and immediately began renovating the space.

“The inside of the store right now is night and day from how it used to be in here.” Brown said.

Besides updating the building and the signs outside, Brown has his eyes set on expanding business through the web as well as changing the store’s name to Irvington Jewelers. He enjoys serving the Eastside community and would love to expand his customer base.

“I think Irvington is on the move and I am happy because I have a lot of stake in the town.” He said.

As a one-man business, Brown feels that he provides a personal touch not many other jewelers can compete with.

“We are a local store and serve the surrounding community on a regular basis. We sell jewelry and we fix jewelry. I do all the work and take personal responsibility for all jewelry in my care.” Brown said.